The Higher Education TechQual+ Project

It’s been a great ten+ years for the TechQual+ project. I have immensely enjoyed meeting and collaborating with many in the higher education community during this period. I can genuinely say that investing in assessment practices and gathering and acting on end-user satisfaction data has been instrumental to my success as a Vice President and Chief Information Officer. I remain genuinely committed to these practices. However, as I announced at the end of 2019, the official Higher Education TechQual+ Project Web Site will go dark in January, 2020.

Since the project began in 2006, many Web survey platforms and data analysis tools have been developed and made available. These tools are reliable replacements for the technologies previously available in the TechQual+ Web site. At my institution, we are now using Qualtrics to administer the TechQual+ survey. We also are using Excel, Tableau, and the tools built into Qualtrics to create radar graphs and analyze the survey results. These are much more powerful tools than what I had once delivered via this Web site. They provide the higher education community with significantly more capabilities to administer a TechQual+ survey and analyze the results.


Timothy M. Chester
Principal Investigator
The Higher Education TechQual+ Project
January 18, 2020

Qualtrics Survey

The TechQual+ core survey remains available as a survey project in Qualtrics. Email the principal investigator at the email address below, and he will grant you read-only copy access to the base Qualtrics file. You may then copy the base survey into your own Qualtrics project space and customize it to meet your survey needs.

The Qualtrics platform provides excellent tools to customize the survey, communicate with respondents, and collect and analyze the data. The Qualtrics platform is a much more robust platform for designing and administering surveys versus the previous TechQual+ Web site.

Request access to the Qualtrics TechQual+ survey by emailing

Data Analysis

While the Qualtrics platform provides powerful tools for analyzing the results of a TechQual+ survey, its ability to generate the TechQual+ radar charts and other visualizations are lacking. As the principal investigator develops tools in Excel and Tableau that addresses these needs, he will share information and tips in this space.

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There are three essential qualities to leadership: establishing a vision and rallying others around it, developing great teams and creating an environment where they can thrive by working together, and identifying and developing talent. These are the activities that have been critical to my career journey. They remain the things I will continue to focus on as my career continues.

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Timothy M. Chester